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Complete Raceceiver / Westhold Rechargeable Transponder Kit

$230.00 $240.00

This package contains everything you need when you use a RACEceiver Transponder. Individual Rechargeable Transponder, Charging Unit and Pro Mounting Pouch. Charge your Transponder, mount it to your car and you are ready to go

Individual Rechargeable Transponder – The transponders are light, compact devices attached to each vehicle. Each transponder is assigned a unique identification number to differentiate individual vehicles. As the vehicle passes over the Loop Antenna, the Decoder reads this identification number and determines a crossing time.

The transmitters have convenient LED indicators for operational status. A green LED indicates the transmitter is working. A red LED indicates a low battery condition. There is no guesswork involved in determining battery status. During a race the transmitter is also capable of relaying a low battery status to the Race Management System and informing the system operator of this condition.

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