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Legends INEX / Dynalite Brake Pad Set BP 40 (Wilwood Caliper)


Wilwood BP-40 Compound.


•A very high friction pad with immediate low temperature response.

•Improved friction formula for heavy braking asphalt ovals, extreme braking on dirt, and all types of off-road and road course applications.

•Race ONLY compound used in severe duty oval, road course, and off-road series that require an aggressive response and durability in the highest temperature ranges.

•Lightweight sprints and club sport racers using steel plate rotors that require fast response at low temperatures with resistance to fade during periodic or temporary high temperature spikes.

•Predictable and linear response with excellent modulation on iron and titanium rotors.

•Very high heat fade resistance.

•Long wear rates with iron and steel rotors.

•High friction, smooth intitial response. Steady rise in friction as temperature increases.

•Low wear rate

•Racing Only; Not For Street Use!

•Heat Range: X-HIGH

•Cold Torque: MEDIUM

•Hot Torque: X-HIGH

•Wear Rate: MEDIUM-LOW

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