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DRP Bearing Spacer-Short Track Grand National Style 5X5 Rear (2 1/2" Spindle(


BEARING SPACER for Grand National 5x5 Rear Hubs; (2 1/2" Spindle - L610549 Bearings); Adjustable; Steel Sold Individually US Patent No. 6,312,162 ADVANTAGES: Reduces Bearing Friction Increases Wheel Spin Lowers Bearing Temperature Reduces Hub Maintenance +/- .001" parallelism - Eliminates Hub End Play - Increases toe/camber/alignment compliance. - Increases Hub Free Spin (by 1000% or more!) - Eliminates/Reduces Bearing Pre Load - Reduces Bearing Temperature - Increases Bearing Life - Reduces Maintenance (Service Bearings Less Often) - Simplifies Maintenance (Eliminates Over Tightening Spindle Nut)

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